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Ah, que bom você chegou! 25.05.2015
Home Again 25.04.2012
Summer Travels 02.02.2012
On the Road Again 18.01.2012
Que Siga La Fiesta! 16.04.2011
There's No Place Like Home 27.01.2011
Adventures in Teaching 12.11.2010
Si vas para Chile... 03.10.2010
A Crash Course in "Talking Chilean" 24.08.2010
A Glimpse of World Cup Mania! 23.06.2010
Autumn in Chile 14.06.2010
Si, po weon 29.05.2010
All Shook Up 16.03.2010
Che, Bienvienidos a Vos! 03.02.2010
Home is Where Your Heart Is (Part 2) 02.02.2010
Home is Where Your Heart Is 02.02.2010
Bienvenidos 2010 02.01.2010
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Christmas? 09.12.2009
Finding the World Within 17.11.2009
Chi Chi Chi! Le le le! Viva Chile! 18.10.2009
I’m Gonna Take That Mountain 29.09.2009
La Vida Full Action 18.09.2009
When Life Gives You Rotten Asparagus, Make Soup 28.08.2009
Where the Land Meets the Sky 19.08.2009
Beauty and the Beast 14.08.2009
La vida tipica en Ecuador 07.08.2009
We've Arrived! 03.08.2009
The Next Crazy Venture Beneath the Skies 18.06.2009